Community Health Africa Trust (CHAT)

Awards: Most Innovative Health Market Innovation

Category: Enhancing Processes

Sub-Category: Mobile Clinic

About 630,000 inhabitants of Laikipia, Samburu, Isiolo and parts of Meru and Nakuru Counties live in abject poverty and have little or no access to professional health care and other essential services. The Community Health Africa Trust (CHAT) provides a wide range of reliable health services including   reproductive health/family planning, child immunizations, basic curatives, TB  and female genital mutilation awareness and education; all interventions include relevant components of HIV/AIDS services – HIV/AIDS counseling and testing, PMTCT, non antiretroviral treatment, other preventions

CHAT, also a registered community based organization, was established in 1999 and is funded by Global Fund via AMREF & CARE Kenya, Private donations from the USA, Canada, UK & Kenya Government, Community Health Africa- Poverty Solution USA, George Small Foundation Canada, Margaret Pyke Trust UK, Athena Trust UK, CHASE/Rift Valley Tree Trust UK, Mpala Wildlife Foundation, Global Giving USA.

This service enhances processes by use of a mobile clinic which uses an integrated system of vehicles, camels, bicycles and walking methods to visit approximately 32 different sites each month.

Results include an increase in availability of products and services, and the number of clients taking family planning services increased from 984 in 2000 to 14313 in 2011. CHAT involves the community by working alongside 11 Community-Based Health Workers who are familiar with, and sensitive to, the customs, traditions and languages of the many communities. Due to this, the staff helps in mobilizing individuals and raise awareness of the clinics monthly schedule visits within their local community.

CHAT has the potential to scale up as it has been in operation for 10 years and networks with other partners, and many nomadic regions of Northern Kenya are still maligned by the national health system.


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