Changamka Microhealth Ltd

Awards: Most Innovative Health Market Innovation

Category: Information Technology

Changamka Microhealth helps the poor in Kenya to access healthcare by issuing them with Smart Cards which allows them to save money through mobile money that can then be utilized towards visits to the doctor, buy medications and much more.

Changamka has been able to come up with a unique business model that heavily uses the power of information technology (the convergence of mHealth, mTechnology and mMoney) to finance care and improve the efficiency of health care provision in Kenya. This goes hand in hand with its mission “to innovatively use technology, to create mechanisms for delivery of easily accessible, affordable, quality healthcare” Changamka uses a practical savings mechanism to ensure access to quality healthcare at discounted pricing. While access to care is expensive to the poor, they can still save up to meet these expenses when they arise. All one needs to do is purchase a smart card at a nominal cost and top up (save) in a sequestered account through payments via MPESA.  This resolves the mismatch between having funds and falling ill.

As of June, 2011, 9,500 Smart Cards and 3,200 maternity cards had been distributed and2300 women had been  given monthly health education;  600 hospital transactions using the cards every month; and over 500 top-ups per month with 35 providers accepting the cards.

Changamka is looking at upgrading its technology to mobile phone based e-cards, increasing the number of partner hospitals and to rolling out its services across the region.


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