Promising new prostate cancer test developed An easy to create prostate malignancy tracer.

The brand new results claim that the enzyme LKB1 exists on vesicle sorting stations and it is shut down in normal cells, but the fact that traffic jam allows LKB1 to stay active for a bit longer. Large activity of LKB1 plays a part in tumor growth by sending complicated signals towards the cell about which method is normally up, says Rusten. The researchers investigated epithelial tissues in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster, a robust animal magic size system for medical research, furthermore to individual cells grown in 3-D cultures in the laboratory.Felder, Prof. Prather, and group to research the partnership between various rest preterm and disorders delivery subtypes. For example, the experts could review early and past due preterm delivery, or early induced deliveries and spontaneous preterm labor. The brand new study targets sleep disorders, such as for example sleep apnea and insomnia, that may cause significant disruption to sleep, instead of examining the standard sleep changes that have a tendency to occur during pregnancy.

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Kwale Experience sharing workshop – 29th and 30th April 2015
Kisumu County Hospital Lean Café – 28th April 2015
Experience Sharing Workshop: Kwale County 25 March 2015
Scaling up and Institutionalization of quality management in health care facilities
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