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3. The usage of high tech assessments such as calcium mineral scans, as well as the carotid ultrasound and advanced lipid screening Dr. Gupta also undergoes on this program, is among the major reasons our health and wellness care expenses are spiraling uncontrollable.4. Calcium mineral scans, if they are positive for calcium mineral in the coronary arteries, frequently result in recommendations for costly and possibly dangerous extra lab tests. 5.e., dubious masses on additional organs), frequently resulting in extra exams such as for example biopsies, though the the greater part of such people are harmless actually.Fennel Seeds Fennel seeds contain vitamin C which winter you can enhance your disease fighting capability with the addition of fennel seeds within your salads when you wind up taking in high-calorie foods. 8. Dark Chocolates Indulge in a whole lot of Xmas chocolate recipes this year because chocolates are dear for the correct functioning from the immune system, dark chocolate especially. The cacao-based chocolates is among the natural resources of antioxidants that assists in fighting the wintertime germs. 9. Broccoli Make broccoli the right element of your wintertime diet plan since it is saturated in vitamin supplements and antioxidants. Broccoli is a popular superfood through the winters, since it maintains the disease fighting capability healthy.

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Kwale Experience sharing workshop – 29th and 30th April 2015
Kisumu County Hospital Lean Café – 28th April 2015
Experience Sharing Workshop: Kwale County 25 March 2015
Scaling up and Institutionalization of quality management in health care facilities
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